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Cool & Cold - Solid Ice Bong

Welcome back to the Coolest section of our blog - The Best & Most Unique Bongs from all over the world.

The special of the day is something very cold, but also very delightful if you smoke out of it - Solid Ice Bong!

It takes some time to make this beauty, but unfortunately last for about one time, maybe two time smoking.

Here is what we will need:

Ice Bong

two-liter plastic bottle (cut on two, proportion of 1-to-3 from the bottom), empty glass bottle, tape, rubber band, piece of metal hanger (you will need to heat it up, so use the simplest metal hanger with no color) and a plastic wrap.


The mane thing you will need is a Bowl - we prefer to use a double slide with the bowl.


Let's begin:

  • Fill the bottom part of the plastic bottle and put it in a freezer
  • Using plastic wrap cover the top of the glass bottle and place a rubber band around it, this way you secure the plastic wrap from falling off, and also get rid of the unnecessary plastic wrap from the bottle, so it doesn't get stock in you bong.
  • Place the glass bottle top to top with the second part of the plastic bottle in an upside down position. Tape both bottles with two stripe of tape over the bottom. Make sure you the glass bottle is in a center position. Fill it with the water and place it in a freezer in a straight position.

Give it around 24 hours for the water to freeze.

  • Get the bigger part of your future Ice Bong out of the freezer, and run it under the hot water, trying to insert the ice piece form the 2-litter pipe.
  • Now you can run the hot water Inside the glass bottle, periodically emptying it out, so you can loose it up and insert out the glass bottle (dont forget to remove the plastic wrap from the top of the bottle before pouring water in it, so you don't melt you Ice Bong from the outside)
  • Now, using the piece from your metal hanger, you need to melt the downstem for your slide and a bowl. For that, heat up the metal piece and slowly melt the ice starting from the bottom and then from the outside in the easiest part of the Ice Bong. Slowly melt the ice, creating a tunnel from the bottom to the side.
  • After you done with that, make sure your bowl slide fits perfectly for the hole that you created, you can use a silly putty to sill the bowl in the ice. And put the big part of your Ice Bong back in a freezer.
  • Get the bottom part out the freezer and get the ice out of the plastic the same way as you did with the big one. After that, using a flat iron skillet, flatten the ice bottom part, so it fits perfectly to the top. The same flatten process do with the top part of Ice Bong and seal them together right away. to finish up the sealing process you can use a little bit of water of top of the seal spot, after what put your bong back in a freezer and let it sit for a few hours.


Ice BongThat's pretty much it and your Ice Bong is almost ready. Just fill it with the water, insert your slide with the smoking bowl and enjoy


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