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Cyber Monday at Smoke Pipe Shop

Cyber Monday at Smoke Pipe Shop!

For people who hates long lines and millions of people at the mall for Black Friday Deals, Smoke Pipe Shop offers a great Cyber Monday Specials!!

Save 39% of your money on a great Smoker Set, that contains Glass Pipe, Mini Water Bubbler and Chillum!

To purchase Cyber Monday Special Glass Pipes Set, visit Smoke Pipe Shop home page or follow the direct link to purchase this great Cyber Monday deal  

For those smokers who doesn't know what Cyber Monday is, well here is a little bit about this cool day.

On November 28, 2005, release in the press conference a new term "Cyber Monday", which is the biggest online shopping day of the Year! As you already guess Cyber Monday takes its place yearly the Monday after the Black Friday. 

Cyber Monday became a marketing term for online retailers Worldwide.

So enjoy your shopping with Smoke Pipe Shop and  Great Cyber Monday Deals!

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