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Denver County Fair Welcomes Cannabis Theme

Denver County Fair 2014

Denver County Fair 2014 Pot PavilionThis yearly event is taking place on Friday - Sunday, August 1-3. This year something new and exciting is waiting for you at Denver's County Fair - Pot Pavilion.


4655 Humboldt St, Denver, Colorado, 80216

Anyone 21+ is invited to visit a new addition to the fair - The World's First Pot Pavilion. Blue Ribbon competition, live music, pot-themed vendors and entertainment will be held separately from the main fair pavilions. The pot pavilion will be located on a higher upstairs level, next to the new Beer Pavilion. No cannabis allowed on premises during the event; however, anyone over 21 will be able to experience the new pot culture in a safe, entertaining and educational environment.

There are a lot of competitions available at the Pot Pavilion; If you are vendor, user, cook, comedian or just someone who is interesting in pot culture, check out the list of competitions and see if you can participate.

More information at Denver#County#Fair#Pot#Pavilion

Visit, Participate, Have Fun!




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