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Drug Paraphernalia in Jack Crawford Apartment

Earlier this month, police found variety of drug paraphernalia in Jack Crawford apartment.

Former Penn State Defensive who is 6.5" and 274 pounds, and there is no way that smoking pot affects his God-given size and athletic ability or impact that he will have in NFL. but now he is under serious explore by the NFL teams who is interested in him.

According to Laura Nichol's report (, the apartment was searched at about 4 pm on March 14 after a RESIDENT LIFE COORDINATOR reported that a window screen outside of the apartment was damaged. Police entered the apartment when no one answered the door, based on their suspicion that a robbery might be occurring in the second story apartment. Right away the police saw drug paraphernalia, which gave them the authority for a search warrant. They discovered blunts, a grinder which still had marijuana inside, marijuana buds, scale and other items.

Crawford's agent said that Crawford has not lived in that apartment in several months, and that none of the items recovered by the police do not belong to the Football player. From December 2011 Crawford didn't reside at the apartment that was assigned to him in August 2011 as a part of his scholarship among with 4 other students. in December 2011 Jack left for the Ticket City Bowl in Dallas, Texas, after what he played in college-all-star games, attended several camps, participated in NFL Combine in Indianapolis and spend some time with his family just outside of the State Pennsylvania. Mr Crawford do not use any drugs and he does not own or possess any drug paraphernalia. He is exceptionally skilled player and all about his family. And he would not  jeopardize either his future or his family by involving himself into illegal activity.

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