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Drug Peace Festival 2012

International Drug Peace Festival in Vienna


European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Polices (ENCOD)

It's time for the world leaders to fundamentally review their strategies in response to the drug phenomenon.

The Global Commission on Drug Polices, led by four former Presidents, by Kofi Annan and other world leaders,

came out with a new document entitled "Rewriting the UN Drug Conventions", which was first presented in New York

in June, and also at the House of Lords, on 17th November 2011, and now will be reviewed on UNODC meeting, which

will take place Between 12th-16th March 2012 in Vienna, Austria.

The document was made in order to show how amendments to the conventions  could be made which would allow

individual country the freedom to explore drug policies that best suit their domestic needs, rather then seeking to impose

the current "one-size-fits-all" solution.

If we cannot eradicate the the production, demand on use of drugs, we must find new ways to minimize harms.

Give support to our Governments to explore new policies based on scientific evidence.

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