Dude got pulled over for texting and smoking in his car

Oak Forest, Chicago Suburbs, IL

Dude got pulled over by the cope who was next to him on a red light when 20-years-old Steve J Wacek decided to text on his phone and then smoke out of his one-hitter.

Police officer said "He was headed westbound on 167th Street when he stopped on Oaks Park Avenue for a red light.He saw Wacek "pressing a multitude of keyboard characters" on his phone for about 30 seconds then pick up a multicolored glass "one-hitter" and smoked out of it.

The officer asked Wacek why would he smoke and text with the police officer next to him and while he was driving, on what  the young guy answered - He does it every time :D

3.3 grams of cannabis was found in Wacek's car, together with 20 blue Alpazoram pills and 25 Hydrocodon. Young pot head blamed everything on his grandma, that he got it from her, but later old woman denied giving him ever any pills, and eventually she got them all back from the police.

One thing we should say - Smoking is Much less dangerous then texting when you drive...At least you don't have to look at your pipe...

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