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Vap Pen With Marijuana Leaf

E-njoint is an electronic cigarette designed and sold by E-njoint company from Netherlands. E-njoint is similar to all other vaporizer pens out there; However it is promoted to be used with marijuana flower or oils, while the other vap pen are promoted for herbs. Another awesome facts about e-njoint:

  • Custom Wrap
  • Custom Cap/Light
  • Cone-Shaped, that makes this vap pen look liek a real Dutch joint.

Latest additions to the custom caps for the e-njoint is 'Marijuana Leaf" cap/light, which makes it to stand out among the others. The next one is special for those, who loves their soccer! The FIFA Brazil 2014 is in heat and the e-njoint supports their players as much as they can. The World Cup e-njoint special comes with a soccer-theme cap/light.

For right now, the items are not available for sale online, but can be purchased at the head shops of Amsterdam and other Dutch cities. To find out more information about e-njoint, visit their website at

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