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Elderly Trio Were Poisoned With Cannabis at the funeral

In Huntington Beach, California three elderly people were hospitalized after eating cupcakes with cannabis. The incident took a place at a memorial event dedicated to the funeral of their mutual friend.

According to the police officer who was investigating the incident, cannabis was added to the chocolate cup cakes and was served at the funeral in the memory of the deceased. He was suffering from  cancer so he eat those pastries in a medical purposes.

Unfortunately the guests weren't notified about cupcakes filling and eat them as a normal ones, without any fear. Though according to the police, some of the 100 people, who came to the evening of memory, knew about the cup cakes filling, like the daughter of the deceased.

Either way, trio - two 71 years old women and 80 years old man, were hospitelized with the same symptoms. They all complained about having dizzines, nausea and inability to stand up without help. The doctor found that all the elders ate cannabis cup cakes. How do old people feel now weren't specified.

Let's note that in California cannabis use allowed just in a medical purposes, with the doctor prescription.

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