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Five Floors of Cannabis In New York

Drug trafficking - a thing profitable but dangerous. There is always some unavoidable expenses. Part of the goods is lost on the way across multiply boarders. So New York Dealers found a way to avoid expenses and organized large-scale production of cannabis within the city limits. Recently police found a five floors building in Bronx that was filled with cannabis.

The whole building was used to grow cannabis, where was created the perfect conditions. Police officers found 593 plants, 2 meter tall each, all of the bushes were highly maintained. The officers also found about 40 kg of cannabis that was ready for use, already dry and packed up in plastic bags. Total weight of found cannabis was 700 kg.

The first information about the little factory the police officers received from "well wishers" in November.  During the investigation was found that suspicious building use to much energy, due the technical process and needs for cannabis cultivation, is easy to explain.Thermophilic hemp needs constant heating and lighting, and to remove the characteristic smell you need a powerful ventilation.

According to preliminary estimates the illegal factory brought about 3 million dollars annually. How many years this factory was over there wasn't reported.

Local believes that three Hispanic guys, who organize such a profitable enterprise, some sort of geniuses. A lot of people grow cannabis  at home, not a big deal, but the scale and scope of this factory surprised and even admire some of the citizens.  Everything is possible in New York.

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