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For Amsterdam Travelers!

Some More News For The People Who Are Planing To Travel To The Netherlands For The Winter Vacation!

Starts On January 1 2012 It Will Be Prohibited To Sell Weed To The Tourists In Any Of The Coffee Shops Of Amsterdam!!! Until January 2013 This Law Will Be Valid Just In The South Parts Of The Country. But From January 2013 That Will Apply To The Whole Country.

All Coffee Shops Will Become Private Clubs With No More Then 2 Thousand Members, All Of The Smokers Over 18 Years Old Will Have Some Kind Of Doping Cards.

Ministry Of Justice Decided To Go For That Even If Some Of The Parliament Members Were Against Of It. They Said "It Will Be Suicide For The Tourism"

So Now You Might Not Want to GO To Amstardam Any More. Better Stay Home And Get Crazy Here With Smoke Pipe Shop.

Time for Christmas Shopping
We Are Open and Fully Operational to Serve You During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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