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Foria, The Hemp Pleasure

Foria Medical Marijuana LubricantForia is a cannabis infused lubricant for women, that was design by California Aphrodite Group and tested by one of the leading medical marijuana laboratories, The Welc Shop.

Foria contains natural coconut and cannabis oils and design to increase women's pleasure during intercourse. Sensual enhancement cannabis oil is made for topical and internal use and needs to be applied 30 minutes before the action. The recommended serving portion is 12mg of cannabis lube, which is about 6 sprays. The effect of the marijuana lube can be different, anything from relaxation & increased blood flow and tingling to the point that ladies would get better, longer lasting orgasm. 

Currently, Foria marijuana lube comes in 2 sizes: 1oz bottle (approximately 30 servings) - $88; 5ml bottle (aprox 5 servings) - $24. Each spray of Foria lube contains 2mg of THC and other cannabinoids. Most of the women, who used Foria  topically or internally (direct apply to the skin and internal organs), didn't experience high feeling from THC; However, women, who use Foria orally, reported feelings of being slightly high.

For right now, Foria is available only for California residents, who has a valid medical marijuana license. This summer or fall 2014 Foria will be available for purchase in Colorado and Washington States. Marijuana lube can be purchased directly on Foria website or at some medical marijuana dispensaries.

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