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Free Cannabis Gift

Hemp House

Hemp houseHemp House is Denver, Colorado based clothing store that offering a free cannabis gift with a purchase of their apparel. Hemp House is planning on featuring anything from socks and t-shirts to sweaters, hats and backpacks. The delivery service is offered for those who lives in Denver metro area. Minimum order amount will be mentioned on website and if you order a minimum or above you will receive a complimentary 1/8 pot.

You have to be 21+ with valid I.D. and live in Denver Metro Area to be able to receive complimentary MaryJane.

For those, who lives outside the area, you will be able to order clothing online; However, no complimentary cannabis will be sent to you, since mailing of cannabis is illegal. Hemp house promise some other gifts with your purchase though, so you don't feel left over.

Feel cool, dress with style, smoke for free.

Time for Christmas Shopping
We Are Open and Fully Operational to Serve You During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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