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Free Join, San Jose Primary Election Vote, June 3d

Vote and get a free joint!

JointThe City Council is trying to motivate people to come and vote on the upcoming Primary Election on June 3d in San Jose, California. If you are a register voter in State of California and use medical cannabis, then put your input in the history. Give your vote to the politician you think should run San Jose and receive your free joint. Silicone Valley Cannabis Coalition will be giving away free joints to those, ho voted and have a valid medical cannabis card. 

Silicone Valley Cannabis Coalition will announce the compete list of the clubs who will participate in this "Weed For Voters" program on Monday, June 2d. Visit their website to see who is in, vote on Tuesday, June 3d, bring your 'I Vote" sticker or a ballot stub and get your free joint!

Green T-ShirtAlso all the supportive voters are welcome to attend San Jose Council Meeting at the City Hall, where you can be a part of the regulation reform and get a free green t-shirt!

You can find more information at SiliconValleyCannabisCoalition or read a voter guide at MarijuanaFriendlyVoterGuide

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