Free Joints to the Colorado Flood Victims

As everyone knows, a terrible. terrible flood hit Boulder County Colorado in the beginning of the September month. From September 9 through September 16, the storm dropped 17.5 inches of rain on Boulder County, which is equal to the yearly amount of rain. The flood destroyed many roads, houses and injured a lot of people. It turned form a 1000-year rain to a 100-year flood.

People are slowly recovering around the Boulder county, cities are getting cleaned up, houses are getting build up. Thousands of volunteers helping the victims of the flood.

The pro-pot/anti-taxation organization was set to help people too, and past Monday, at the Pearl Street Mall, organization was giving away free joints to the voctims of the flood. Not just the medical marijuana patients were lucky to get a free joint, but also all stressed-out recreational users were handled a joint.

One of the organizers of the event said: "Boulder has been victimized by a floor and we just want to bring some relief to folks"

Over 600 free joints were hand out to people who came to the Boulder city Pearl street Mall that day, and they were very thankful, because they lost not just their homes, clothe, cars but also their marijuana, medical and recreational.





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