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French farmer fed cannabis to his ducks!

A French farmer, Michel Rouyer, was given a one-month suspended jail sentence and

a fine of 500 euros for feeding his ducks cannabis to rid them of worms.

The police visited Michel's house after he claim a theft situation, but instead of resolving it,

police found 12 cannabis plants and about 11 pounds of ready-to-use drug. The farmer was arrested immediately.

Farmer tries to get rid of worms with cannabis


















Rouyer admitted smoking cannabis himself, but most of it he was giving to his 150 ducks for medical purposes.

He said that a duck specialist recommended him this treatment, because "There's no better worming substance for them".

Jean Piot, Rouyer's lawyer said "This's for real, no one duck has worms and they are all in excellent health".

The police respond was "it's the first time we heard something like this"

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