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Genius People Who Smoked Cannabis

The Cannabis is one of the most controversial drugs.

Some of the state in US complitely legalized it, some other states stubbornly resist it.

On the other hand medical canabbis is a medical prescription for the people who has cancer, but at the same time US government spends millions of dollors on anti - cannabis campaigns every year. Is in it crazy?

Unfortunately the majority of the population trying to tell us that cannabis is bad for you, your body and brain. It makes you stupid and degenerates you.

Well we decided to make our own list of the 10 top smartest people in a world who likes to smoke sometimes.

  1. Steve Jobs

The head and the founder of Apple. Not once he was telling to the repoters that he got kicked out from the Reed College in Portland fo ractually smoking cannabis and LSD! But almost right after that he became the most famous and rich person in a country. In 1984 he got the medal for Innovation in Technology from the hand of the president Ronald Reagan. In 2007 magazine Fortune Calle Mr Steve Jobs The most powerfull businessman in the world. In 2009 he was called The General Director Of The Decade, and Jobs was assigned number 57 in the list of the most powerfull people in the world. According to the Financial Times magazine Jobs became a man of the year in 2010. Plus Jobs was always a fan of Beatles, Lover of Joan Baez and close friend with Bono from U2.

Steve Jobs was using medical cannabis till his last day of course for the medical purposes, but noone can call him stupid, thats for sure.

2. Francis Crick

The winner of the Nobel Prize for hsi discovery of the double structure of DNA, as he said himself he was under the ACID at the time he made his discovery. Not once he was using LSD and he as a founder of the medical foundation SOMA was for the canabbis legalization, he said use of cannabis helps to open people's abstract mind and thoughts.

3. Carl Sagan

Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Astronaut, Pioneer in the exo biology which opened the researches of extraterrestial intelligence. He was smoking cannabis almost every day of his life. Among his acomplishments - The Pulitzer Prize, An Emmy, a Bestseller, a Novel and more then 500 scientific papers and articles. In addition to all that he is a founder of the Planetery Society. He wan lots of different scientific rewards which would take lots of space and time to name them. He always belived that he reach all that just because of the "expanded consciousness". And he was the first who predict "the nuclear winter" after the use of atomic weapons.

4.Oliver Sacks

If you watched the movie "The Awakening" with Robert Williams then you know something about work of Oliver Sacks. He is a neurologist and the movie was made based on a book that he wrote. He also wrote not less popular book " The man who took his wife for a hat". Sacks graduated Oxford and became a professor at Columbia University. He won a lot of awards and degrees in an area of practical neurology. He also belived that smoking canabbis  is a potencial gateway for the flow of consciousness studies of other's minds.

5. Richard Feynman.

The man who desighned the atom bomb. Be more specific one of the developers who was engineering the atom bomd in 1943-1945in Los Alamos. One of the founders of Quantum physics, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. In 60th participated in the  experiments of his friend John Lilly on sensor deprivation, after what he wrote a book "Of Course you are joking, Mr Faynman!" where he shared his vived experience of use marijuana and ketamine. After He Came out of total smoke cannabis block out  he won the Nobel Prize for a theory of quantum electrodynamics.

That's not the whole list of the famous genius people who smoked cannabis, so check our blog tomorrow for more

Sincerely Yours

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To be continued...

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