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Genius People Who Smoked Cannabis continue

1. Albert Einstein

Winner of the Nobel Prize, founder of theoretical physics, social activist and humanist, the autor of famous theory of relativity, together with more then 300 scientific papers and more then 150 books and articles about the history and philosophy. Albert belived that smoking cannabis in a small portions is way better then drinking alcohol, because compare alcohol and canabbis, second one doesn't destroy the human personality. After he moved to United States he became one of the aggressive opponents of the law about including marijuana in a list of the illegal drugs. He made his famouse speech in Congress, that the ban on the use of cannabis contain entails will lower the prestige of the government, and will increase the crime.

2. Sir Richard Branson.

Branson is on number 236 position in a list of the richest people of the world. The founder of the Virgin empire, which includes everything from cell phones to the music stores, airlines, and his own racing team Formula 1. He smokes himself and he makes his son to smoke cannabis. He announced in public that he doesnt see anything bad in smoking cannabis, not once Branson was protesting for legalizing cannabis and once he even said he would want to sell cannabis if it would be legal.

3. Ted Turner

Ted Turner is one of those people who cant put his own pants own without help, but whose brain work just perfectly fine with 1000%. He came out with an idea on 24 hour news TV channel CNN and turned it to a reality. In 1992 Times named that billionair guy " The man of the year". Turner is the largest land owner in US, the owner of the few TV channels and baisball team Atlanta Braves.  Not bad for a guy who was growing bushes of cannabis in his college dorm. Ted Turner also opened partnership museum of Marijuana in Kentucky.

4. Steven King

Almost any actor, musician or artist are smokers. But Steven King is a complitely different example. His IQ is 175 with an avarage 90 to 120. In addition he wrote around 50 books, and became so popular that any writer in a world can just dream about it. He sold more then 500 millions copies of his novels that were translated to all possible languages of the world. Steven King Is one of the ardent supporters of the legalization of the cannabis. He said " I belive marijuana should be legalized and it should become a popular fishery."

Now we all Know how those books were written, and then you wonder where the person got such a rich fantasy. :D

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