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Germany Taxi Driver Was Offered To Be Paid With Marijuana For The Taxi Ride

Germany, Munich

On Friday, Germany Taxi Driver got into  situation... A 30-year-old guy caught a taxi and asked to take him home, but at the end of the road the taxi driver found out that his passenger doesn't have any money!! Instead he got an offer to be paid for the taxi fare by a bag of weed...

The taxi driver noticed that the guy was little drunk and called the cops. When the Police arrived they found an apartment of the dealer, that looked like a plantation. More then 30 bushes of cannabis were peacefully growing in this condo and about 28 ounce of ready to use drug.

The guy said to the judges that he grows cannabis only for his personal use and not for sale. The case is still under investigation, but the guy wasn't arrested.

If the taxi driver accept the marijuana bag as a payment also wasn't announced...

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