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Get A Free Glass Pipe With Every Burger King Happy Meal

Get three things done in one with Burger King!

Burger King Happy Meals Fro Stoners

If you are looking for some pot and a pipe and some food for after all, then stop at your local Burger King. Kids Happy Meal now comes with a pipe and a stash instead of the toy.
 Really? - you are going to say, well, not completely, but this story starts when the grandpa decided to take his son to Burger King in Detroit. The grandfather ordered food, including the Kids mill for his grandson and what a surprise it was, when instead of the toy, the kid got a glass pipe and some pot.
Grandpa didn't hesitate a second and reported to the local authorities. After the investigation, the person responsible for the accident was arrested and charged with a huge fine.

To bad for the guy that it was a grandpa with his grandson, not a munchies looking dude, who got that happy meal deal. Happy Meal can make you happy.


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