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Get DUI for Smoking Pot!

If new legislation pass in California, then all medical cannabis smokers who drive can get DUI, even if they didn't smoke in a week or even a month!

In Late February, State Assembly Woman, Norma Torres, introduced AB 2552, where she basically offers to amend California Vehicle Code 23152 and to make it a felony for any driver to have any level of any cannabinoid compound in his/her bloodstream or urine after being tested withing three hours of driving, CA Vehicle Code 23152 only pertains to alcohol.

Marijuna can stay in your blood for two weeks, month and even longer. So basically if you a pot smoker you can't drive, even if you are not high at all.

California NORML Director Dale Gieringer tells the Weekly "It criminalizes every pot smoker in the state". Gieringer said " I would be astonished if legislature were so foolish as to pass this bill. It will have a tough time partly because it has to go through some committees which I think have good sense of marijuana policy".

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