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Get Fired from your Job for using Medical Cannabis

As it turns out, anyone who legally use medical cannabis can be fired from their job in Washington State.

Past Thursday The Washington Supreme Court decided that TeleTech, Colorado based company, that handles customer service for Sprint from its Bremerton facility, was allowed to fire a woman for failing the required drug test.

The plaintiff, Jane Roe (pseudonym), was pulled out of her training class after a week and was fired on October 18,2006, because she failed the pre-employment drug test, including the fact that she had legal medical prescription for medical cannabis use from her doctor.

In a  court papers, the company said that they require the drug test for all of their employers and have no exceptions for medical marijuana.

The State Supreme court majority opinion noted that the State Human Rights Commission, which investigates employee discrimination cases, can't pursue claims related to medical marijuana use because it's illegal under the federal law.

Michael Subit, Roe's lawyer said the law have to be modified to protect employer's rights to use medical cannabis outside of workplace, since it's legal in Washington State. The law about medical marijuana use and company's drug tests have to be clear, so no one can mistake it in the future.

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