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Get Happy Canada Contest

Get Happy Canada ContestLift, Canadian non-profit organization, that was created to provide the correct information about medical cannabis industry and laws to the consumers and producers.

New Canadian government program MMPR requires patients to buy medical marijuana from the commercial growers. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it, so the LIFT announced the first ever contest for a free medical marijuana for a YEAR!

All you need is to be a Canadian resident and be able to present the valid prescription for medical marijuana upon winning the contest. To enter you do not need to have an existing medical marijuana prescription. Fill out and submit the form on LIFT website. The contest will be over on July 18 201, at midnight Pacific Time and the winners will be announced shortly.

If you win the contest you will be able to order up to one gram per day of medical marijuana from Canadian Licensed Producer. Lift will pay for your order.

You have one more week to enter for a chance to win and become one happy person with free weed!

For more information visit LIFT website.

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