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Get to the good stuff faster. At&t Delivers Marijuana

Fake At&t truck was carrying a ton of cannabis.

Two men were arrested after police officers found a ton of cannabis inside of the fake At&t truck in Texas.

Texas state troopers stopped a vehicle, that outside looked like a service car from At&t, for driving with the speed 12 m/h over the limit, west of McCook, Hidalgo County, TX.

Police officer knew that something must be up when the driver tried to run away. Aaron Arrellano-Salgado didn't get far before he was cought. After the inspection of the Fake At&t truck, police found 2.168 pouns of cannabis in 189 packages.

State troopers also stoped the second vehicle, for not stoping at the Stop sign. Behind the wheel was a guy named Wilfredo Garza-Salgado. As was reported Wilfredo Garza was escorting the fake At&t truck.

Cops also reported that both drivers show on a  man who lives in Roma, TX, and he promised to pay $1000 to Aaron Arrellano-Salgado for driving the fake At&t truck, and $500 to Wilfredo for escprting the truck.

The hearing with the U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Peter Ormsby was planned on January 19. No news was announced after that.

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