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Go Juan Santos! Legalize Cannabis & Cocaine In Colombia!

One by one South American Countries legalizing pot!!!!

How sweet that could be?!

Following the Uruguay example, Colombian President Juan Santos is looking into legalizing cannabis and cocaine! Of course not completely, but at least decriminalization of small amount of marijuana or cocaine possession. Santos said that the current laws clutters courts and prisons with marginalized people. He believes legalization is the turning point in the fight against drugs. Allow people to have a small amount of drug for the personal use will drive down the price of narcotics, which would crimp the main revenues of cartels. Colombia's move is a part of a growing trend in Latin America - Leaders say - enough is enough.

Columbia's Constitutional Court approved past Friday the bill, that allows you to care under 20 gram of marijuana or 1 gram of cocaine for personal use and not to be prosecuted. However, the processing and trafficking of drugs would remain a subject to criminal sentencing.

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