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Got Some Cookies?

What a wonderful combination - girl scout cookies and pot?

Girl Scout CookiesOn Wednesday, Danielle Lei, a 13-year old girl set up her "girl scout cookies" shop in front of the Green Cross Dispensary in San Fransisco, California and in just 2 hours successfully was done with cash in her pocket. She sold 117 boxes of girl scout cookies of different varieties to the patients of the dispensary and people who walked by.

The Girl Scouts Organization announced that they do not support and do not allow cookie's distribution in front of the liquor stores and bars and marijuana dispensaries; However, Danielle's mom believes that it's a good way to teach her daughters about drugs. Selling cookies in front of the local dispensary will allow them to understand that for some people it works as a medicine and for others just to get high. Not once, Mrs Lei put her daughters to sell girl scout cookies in different locations in San Diego so they can learn about different environments while earning the money from the cookies.

Way to go Mrs Lei! Kids have to be educated, not just in a class room, but also in real life.

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