Got Some Pizza?

If you are a pizza fan after 420, then this place is definitely for you!

Mega ILL Pot Vape Friendly PizzaMega ILL Pizza Cafe in Vancouver is a 420 Vapping-friendly and pot-toppings welcome.

Owners of Mega ILL are two cancer survives and use cannabis as a part of their treatment. They came out with an idea of cannabis-friendly pizza joint, where you can not only vape but also order cannabis-infused pie. There are two options on a menu - THC infused oil drizzle or ground marijuana sprinkles inside of the pie crust before baked. This kind of extra topping will cost you $10. If you got your pot and just want to munch on a pizza, this option is also available. Pizza pie's prices are $10-30.

Pizza munch is always great.

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