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He Smoked Cannabis and Then He Died..

The police officer arrested a man who was smoking cannabis in a bathroom of the college campus of Staten Island, Willowbrook, NY.

It happen yesterday around noon and an arrested man appeared to be a dinning area worker of the Staten Island College. According to the police officer 39 year old Cory Holmes was trying to take away his gun, but the police officer didnt shoot and with the help of two people who was near by at the time actually were able to put handcuffs on Holmes.

The ambulance was called right after that because Mr Holmes felt sick. By the time when he was delivered to the hospital Of Richmond University Medical Center he was dead. The doctors said he died from the heart attack.

Another ambulance delivered the police officer to the Staten Island University Hospital with lots of scratches,  bruises and blood.


Really Sad Story, but there is a lesson, choose the right spot for your smoking and never get cought.

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