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Did you hear about yet? If not, We are about to tell you that for the very first time ever, a social network, with a  top level security, was design just for the cannabis community!

Medical Marijuana activist Steve Kubby created a social network that is pot-friendly to anyone who is 18 and older. Currently HeadBook available just for Californians, who have their doctor's prescriptions, but soon Kubby promises that the network will be available to verify patients in the other US states and eventually worldwide.

Members of this online pot community are able to provide or receive their medicine from each other and may be able to slash the cost of it by as much as 50 percent.

Not different from any other social network, HeadBook offers you

  • Live-time chat
  • friends activity and post stream
  • real-time video with other patients
  • create your own photo gallety

And Much Much More...

HeadBook is not scared of words Pot, Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, so you can feel free to use them.

Supposely Headbook is super secure network, with SSL 256-bit AES encryption, Nothing ever recorded or censored, so you  can be open to your Cannabis Lovers friends and talk about anything. Your information is privately secured and won't be released to any third party.

If you would like to join this awesome network, it's easy to do it. Go to and follow the instructions.

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