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Hemp In BMW

BMW announced their new innovation - Electric Car BMW i3 and i8, which will go for sale in the USA in November 2014 for about $41.350

Why Smoke Pipe Shop is so interested in this new car? - Well, first of all its cool, the new design, improved Navigation system, that will be able to calculate a few routes for a driver, tell the exact mileage to destination, traffic aspects and much more. The new BMW i3 also gonna have a Parking Assistance, that will be able to Park the Car For you!

The design of the car is unique and very practical. The goal for BMW was to create High Visibility - and they achieved it. The new i3 BMW gonna have Glass Roof Top, mostly glass doors and a glass rear hatch.

All of this new exciting detail are awesome, However, the biggest interest for us is - the new electric BMW i3 gonna have some part made of Hemp. Yes, that's right - from Hemp. Some of the interior panels and sits are made of Hemp and other recyclable materials, which makes this Brand New Innovation in the automotive world unbeatable and incomparable.

Watch the official presentation video and made you conclusions


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