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Hemp-Infused beer from Red Hook & Hilliard's

Red Hook & Hilliard's Hemp BeerWho doesn't like a great American Beer? Especially when this beer is made from Hemp Seeds?

Two Seattle breweries Red Hook and Hilliard's partnered on a new project called "Joint Effort Hemp Ale"!

The beer itself does not have THC, but the brewers described it as " dank, resinous hop aroma balanced by nutty, earthiness from hemp seed"

Red Hook & Hilliard's came out with this wonderful Beer Infusion as a celebration of Cannabis legalization in Washington State.

Beer tasting is gonna take place during 4:20 pm celebration on July 20, at Hilliard's in Ballard, so if you are around - more then welcome to join this Infused Hemp Beer Celebration.

Hemp Beer will be available on draft only in Washington State starting July 15, and following Red Hook's tradition of making creative Tap Beer Handles, this particular one will look like a bright, Yellow Bong!

22-ounce bottles will be sold under the BlueLine Lable  starting in late October.

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