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Hemp Museum in Barcelona, Spain

Past Friday, May 11, the biggest HEMP Museum had opened the doors in Barcelona, Spain to the public. Museum-Gallery is located in downtown of Barcelona in the fantastic palace of XV century - Palau Mornau.

Ben Dronkers, founder of  the Amsterdam Hemp Museum, put his eye on this building in 2003. He decided that this gorgeous building in the heart of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter will be the perfect for the sister Museum to be established. With the help of the famous architect Jordi Romeu the palace was restore to it's original look. The important national monument came back to life and got it's glory back.

The museum presents valuable paints and prints, rare antiques, such as the various tools and implements used to make hemp into rope, paper and fabric. Also the museum offers to see the original paintings by noted 17th Century artists David Teniers the Younger, Cornelis Decker and Hermen Saftleven. In  a medical section of the exhibition you can find one of the world's largest collections of medical cannabis bottles dating back to 19th Century testifies to the widespread of medical cannabis in the past.

So if you planning on visiting Barcelona this summer, don't forget to visit Hemp Museum!


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