Hempcrete House Tasmania, Australia

Australia's first Hempcrete House is ready for your review...

The first building in a world that completely on stumps with Hempcrete walls, floors and roofs was finished in Tasmania in 2012.

The house was build by Australian Hempcrete Pty Ltd Company that specialize in building naturally from a brick that made out of hippies paradise plant of 60th...- hemp.

The name of this wonderful construction material is Hempcrete. Also known as Hemcrete, Canosmose, Isonchavre and made of hemp hurds, sand, plaster, lime, some amount of cement and water and sprayed onto timber, stone. The mixture set for 24 hours and usually takes about a week to become completely hard. The Hempcrete Buildings are perfect thermal insulating and acoustic, buffer temperature and humidity, prevent damp and mould growth. Those buildings are fire and termite resistant -  In One Word - The Perfect Natural Comfortable and Healthy Housing.

Hemp House Made Of Hemp Material in Australia

Hemp House Inside

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