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Hi-Tech Bongs

And Welcome Back to our The Best & Most Unique Bongs Section!

Today we will introduce you to two, different Hi-Tech Bongs. Both Bongs are pretty sweet, take a lot of work, and not everyone will convert their favorite electronics into Bong.

#1 XBox 360 Bong - yeap, that's right! Kind of expensive bong, however with very complicated technique, XBox can be turned into another kind of entertainment - Bong.

Pretty much the construction of this particular bong is the same as N64 Controller Bong:

Take apart, get rid of "Start Button", substitute with Smoking Bowl that fits just right:

Get rid of the Cords, Substitute with the Smoking Hose.

Since XBox has more space inside, you can actually insert the water construction in it, which will make a Real XBox Bong, not just a pipe)

That's what gonna turned out from you XBox Counselor Game



Another Hi-Tech Bong, that we want to introduce to you today is IPad Bong. We don't know how true is that can be but saw it on an internet, and we gotta say, that would be a really expensive Bong

IPad Bong

And if you don't want to waste you brand new IPad on a Bong, then you can just download this funny app and enjoy it.

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