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History of Cannabis

The cannabis plant has been around since the beginning of time.  The earliest recorded usage dates back to the ancient Chinese. First used for their fibers to make rope clothes and fabric, it is also used in food, textles,paper, and fuel oils.  Modern processing technologies have made it possible to create altrnatives t gasoline, plastic and other petroleum products that can help the human race on its path to alleviating dependance on fossil fuel.

Cannabis is also a large part of our history here in America.  Our first president George Washington himself had a plantation of marijuana plants in his backyard.  The Constitution of the United States itself is written on Hemp paper.  Sadly the federal government has made it illegal since 1913.  Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are uneducated about cannabis and its potential helpful benefits.  The US Government and Universities have conducted series of test involving lab mice who were injected with THC.  Over the course of several weeks many of the mice were cured of cancer and it others the progression dramatically slowed.  These tests were never made public and the information was suppressed.  That leaves us with the question of why is the US the only country that doesnt use Hemp for commercial use?   If in fact cannabis is a cure for cancer, then it could be said that the US governement could be responsible for the largest holocaust in the history of mankind.

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