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Home Made Bong

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Low On A Budget But Still Want To Smoke And Get High?

No Worries! Smoke Pipe Shop Will Tell You How To Make Home Hand Made Bong Or Water Bong

  • Dry Bong.
  1. You Will Need Just A Regular Plastic Bottle From Your Favorite Soda, Size Doesn't Metter
  2. Also You Will Need An Aluminum Foil, Better When It's A Foil From Chocolate Bar, If You Dont Have One You Can Use Foil From The Cigarrete Pack
  3. Lighter And A Safety Pin

That's All You Need!

Fold The Bottle At Two Pats: One Is Close To the Top Drinking Part and Other One Closer To The Bottom, Lightly Twist It So One Corner Looks Up And Other Stays At The Same Position. ". The First Fold Section By The Drinking Part, Take Those Two Corners And Flip Them A Little Bit Back. Turn The Bottle With The Bottom Side And Now Get Your Lighter And Burn A Little Hole In It. Then Take Foil, Fold It In Two Layers And Wrap It Around Your Finger making a little bag, Place That Shap Foil On Drinking Part Of The Bottle, Fold The Ends So It Holds On A Bottle. Now Get Your Safety Pin And Make  A Few Holes In A Foil. NOW CHECK The AIrWays. Inhale Thru The Bottom "But" Of The Bottle As Soon As The Air Circulating Good - Its Ready To Smoke :D

It's Very Practical Thing And Its Cheap To Make And You Can Make Bong Like This Anywhere You Are.

Put Anything You Want In Your New Smoke Bong, Light And Enjoy Your Smoking From The But Of The Bottle With Smoke Pipe Shop.

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