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H.O.P.E. Fest in Idaho

H.O.P.E. Festival in Idaho - September 30, 2012 at Ann Morison Park, Boise's, ID

IDAHO Canabis Festival

Hemp Offers People Everything - that's the name of the upcoming festival, hosting by Idaho NORML Organization, who is planning on collecting signatures for the Idaho Medical Choice Act and just to educate people on how good Hemp is for Our life's.

Hemp - one of the most renewable and resourceful fibers on a planet, for over 50 years has been prohibited from being grown by the United States farmers, because of it's classification with marijuana. It was compared with the drug # 1 Heroin, without accepting it's medical value. It's placed higher then methamphetamine, cocaine and anabolic steroids in the list of controlled substances, yet it's non toxic and had not caused a single death in the history.

Every day hundreds of innocent people arrested for use or possession of marijuana, the result of it - overfull prisons. NORML believes that it all can be changes by making medical marijuana legal and accessible to the people who is in real need of it and can benefit from using cannabis.

Idaho HOPE is the first annual event, that will be featuring live entertainment, guest speakers, vendors and educational exhibits.

For More Information Go on Festival official website


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