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House build from Hemp

This is the first house in the US that i sbuild from hemp - cannabis plant fibers. House was built in Asheville North Carolina, where actually use of cannabis is illegal.

The house was built out of the hemcrete - its a mixегку of hemp, lime and water by the famous enviromental construction company Push Design. This company already had a few successful projects all over the world.

It's hard to organize the supply of raw materials to the US, because the prodution of hemp is illegal and the export of hemp from Europe makes the project very expensive.

This particular house was built with hemp from United Kingdom. Seems like the neighbours liked the house a lot, because Push Design signed a few more contracts on building hemp houses in this area.

If you ever decide toget high out of your house you will need to smoke about 2500 pounds of hemp, this is the ammount of hemp that usually goes for the main bedroom.

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