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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

A common question we hear is, “how long does marijuana stay in your system?” With more and more employers conducting drug tests, it is a good question to investigate if you want to land that next great job. So, we are putting an answer to the inquiry, once and for all.

Drug Tests & Marijuana in Your Body

Employer-ordered drug tests examine the biological material, including urine, blood, and hair. When you ingest weed, THC levels in the body escalate in the body and may be detectable by the tests.

While the THC levels drop over a short period of just a few days, the usage can still be determined by certain tests that capture the presence of metabolic byproduct of THC. The new chemical derivative is called THC-COOH. 

The type of test that is used depends on the employer, with many urine tests that are made to detect the presence of THC-COOH being favored by them because they measure these metabolites.

The Simple Answer to “How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?”

The quick answer to how long does marijuana stay in your urine is 30 days. But, it’s more complex than saying it’s only a month. Here’s why.

The Complete Answer

The reality is that there are many drug tests available and some are more sensitive than others and have different time periods. Thus, while one screening may not display traces of cannabis in your body, another one may show it.

Furthermore, pot usage varies from one person to another. Individual biology is another factor to take into consideration when asking “how long does marijuana stay in your urine?”

Given all of these differences, saying “30 days” as the answer is just too general. Drug tests are complex and people differ in both their makeup and cannabis use. There is not a definitive window of detection.


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