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How To Bust High Drivers? - Tips From Washington State Troopers

Marijuana is legal in Washington state, but regulates just like an alcohol, it means you can't drive high.

Driving Under The Marijuana Influence

Washington state troopers believe they know how to spot a high driver and Washington state patrol sergeant Hicks shares it with an audience.

As Jason Hicks assure the audience, it is very easy to spot a high driver, because all of them make the same mistakes while driving. There are two situations that are most common for people who drives high.

  • Number one - high driver is going the speed limit, however, he or she can't keep up with straight traffic, so the car keeps weaving in and out of traffic. Those type of drivers are so concentrated on a speed limit that they also often forget to use their turn signals.

The other version of Sergent Hicks theory is

  • Number two - driver under the influence of marijuana is driving straight as an arrow but going way under or way over the limit. The attention of this kind of drivers is all on a road, they are trying hard to drive as straight as possible, that's why they forget to take a look at the speed of the car.

Also Mr Hicks knows another factor of a high driver - watery and bloodshot eyes. He says his troopers can almost immediately spot a high driver as soon as they stop the car.

For the past half a year over 2600 blood samples were taking from the pulled over drivers, and only 745 were tested positive.

Sergent Hicks says him and his troopers improving them self every day buy attending special training programs to help them to spot high drivers.

The lesson for us - do any other mistakes but this ones when you drive high.


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