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How to Cook with Cannabis

Cooking with Cannabis 101

Cooking with CannabisDid you say you want to cook with cannabis? Okay, let us help you. Here is a fairly straightforward method.

How to Make CBD-Infused Edibles

Firstly, you need to select a type of marijuana that has a high percentage of CBD (a form of cannabinoid). Next, you will need to remove the CBD from the plant material.

Next up, mix the extracted cannabinoid into your cooking oil of choice. It could be coconut oil or olive oil, for example. Either of those oils cook well with the head-sensitive CBDs of cannabis. Alternatively, you may mix the extracted CBD with butter or ghee, which is clarified butter.

After the cook combines the CBD-dense plant material, which is usually the leafy trim, with the butter or oil, the mixture needs to be then heated at a low temperature for a long stretch of time. The low temperature is key as it will help prevent any breakdown of the CBD.

Once the plant material is strained out, let it cool and solidify. You can then add the CBD-concentrated oil or butter to your cherished recipes, such as brownies, to make them even more desirable.

Why CBD Edibles are Popular

The medical benefits of the CBD compound are what makes CBD edibles so popular lately. This type of cannabinoid mitigates the “stoned” feeling you get with THC.

It is also a treatment approach that patients seek for assistance with anxiety, inflammatory, pain and spasm issues when they do not want pharmaceuticals in the Western world.

Researchers across the US are currently investigating the potential anti-cancer qualities of the CBD compound. Depending on the research findings, more people may soon be cooking with cannabis. The extraction method done in the kitchen is less complex than the CO2 extraction technique, which is another way to remove the CBD.

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