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How To Make Water Bong At Home

Low On A Budget But Very Useful And Can Be Made Anywhere - Handmade Water Bong!

Smoke Pipe Shop Will Share With You Our Small Secrets About Making And SMoking Water Bong, So You Can Enjoy Your Time Later.

  1. First And Most Important Thing Is The Company! If You Have A Good Company To Smoke A Pipe With Then You Fine, Because Even The Best Grass That You Just Can Get Can Be Wasted If You Smoke In a Company Of Boring, Cannabis Unneducated People. At The Same Time If You Are With Fun Cool People Who Knows How To Smoke, You Can Get High With The Cheapest Stuff.
  2. Number Two Is The Tools : You Will Need Two Plastic Bottles From Non-Alcoholic Beverages. One Is 2 Liter Bottle, Second Is 1.5 Liter Plastic Bottle. Also Keep A Plastic Cap From One Of The Bottles.
  3. Now Smoke Pipe Shop Will Tell You How To Actually Make Water Bong At Home :

Take Plastic Cap (Plastic Is Prefered. When You Use Metal Cap Isn't So Great Since It Burnes To Fast & It Covered With Pain That Gives Awuful Taste To You Grass). Make A Few Holes In  A Cap. Now Attention! Make Holes From Inside To Outside! So All The Micro Plastic Pieces Stays Outside!!! By The Way Smoke Pipe Shop Hurry To Say That You Can Also Use The Aluminum Foil In That Case You Should Fold It In Two Pieces, Wrap Around Your Finger & Put It In That Position Inside The Bottle By The Cap Place, So It Looks Liek A Little Cup, In This Case You Will Slso Need A Plastic Band Thats Usually Around The Bottle, Put It At The Same Position But On Top Of Foil, So It Holds It. And Of Course You Will Need A Safety Pin To Make Holes In Foil.

Now Bottles.  From 2 Liter Plastic Bottle Cut The Top And From The Smaller 1.5 Liter Bottle Cut The Bottom. Sometimes Instead Of Using Bigger Plastic Bottle You Can Use A Bucket Or Tall Pot.

4. Now Its Time To Put Everything Together. Take Bigger Bottle Fill It With Water.

Place The Foil Or Plastic Cap On Tom Of Smaller Plastic Bottle. Fill It With Smoking Mix.

Place Smaller Bottle Inside Of Bigger One, Light The Lighter And Burn The Smokign Mix, Smothly Pulling The Smaller Bottle Up. Be Careful! It HAVE To be Smooth And Slow, So You Can Get Full Ammount Of Smoke.

Take Of The Foil Or Plastic Cap, But DON'T Smoke Right Away. Cover The Top With Your Thumb And Wait a Few Seconds So The Smoke Will Get A Little Colder And Then Start Pushing The Top Of Your Brand New Water Bong Back Down And Enjoy Inhaling Amazing Aroma Of Grass Smoke. If You Feel that You Full And About To Start Coughing, Dont Worry Just Cover The Top Of The Bong. Take A Small Break And Smoke Again. Everything Thats In Will Stay In It And Not Going Nowhere. You Will Get It All Complitely.


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