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How To Roll A Joint

How To Roll A Joint. Advice To The Beginners.

There Are A Lot Of Different Choices Of Smoke Papers That You Can Buy In A Regular Grocery Store Or Special Smoke Pipe Shop. Look For A Paper On A Rice Or Wheat Based. Smoke Pipe SHop Reccomend - Then Thiner Then Better.

There Is No Any Benefits From The Paper, So You Can Tear Of Any Unnecessery Parts.

The Most Important Part Of The Whole Process Is Tobacco Mix. Make Sure That It Has Perfect Consistency, That Its Well Grind And No Big Pieces Left. You Can Use Regular Grinder To Do It.

The Most Important Prt Of The Process Is Twisting The Joint. It Comes With Practise So Dont Get Upset If It Didn't Work Out From The First Time.

Take A Piece Of Smoke Paper, Fill It With Smoking Mix. Hold It With Your Index Fingers And Start Rolling It With Your Thumbs. Keep Rolling And Twisting It Till The Joint Gets The Smooth Shape And You Will Fill That The Smoke Mixture Is Seal Consistency Inside Of The Joint.

After The Smoke Mixture Will Get The Right Dense Texture, Hold One End Of The Paper With The Tips Thumb, Wrap The Ramaining Piece Of Paper Around The Jamb, Wet It (With Water Or Saliva) And Stick It.

Good Joints Usually Fairly Dense, But Shouldn't Be Really Hard To Pull. Loose Joints Has Unpleasent Taste, And Burns To Quick.


Tips And Advice For The Beginers From Smoke Pipe Shop. Smoke With Joy.

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