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It's My Grandma's Weed...

This silly story reminds us about funny comedy movie "Grandma's Boy", not because of the plot, but because of the main hero.

Grandma's Boy

So, Oak Lown, IL, 2003 Ford Taurus parked in a convenient store parking lot, the boys were chilling in the car, waiting for god knows what. Unfortunately that night they were out of luck, because the local cops put their eyes on them and decided to check them out.

As soon as the boys saw the cops, they decided to leave the comfortable spot, which gave the cops even more reasons to check them out. After following a suspicious vehicle for a few blocks, cops pulled them over and asked 19-year old Richard Oliver to search the car, because of the characteristic smell of marijuana was coming out from the inside. First of all the driver said that he was driving to his "friends house"  (known drug dealer) and he also refused to let the cops to inspect his car. However, after the cops mentioned the K-9 dog, Oliver didn't have a choice but to let them in.

Guess what - a pretty big size container with just a few little pieces of cannabis was found in a back sit. The reply to the officer's question about who's container it was, the guy said - "It's my Grandma's container for spices...", what a Grandma's boy.

Grandma's boy got a citation for possession of marijuana under 30 grams and his grandma got her container back.

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