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It's cannabis not Marijuana

It's Cannabis, Not Marijuana is the  largest Canadian Facebook page with over 28000 likes, blog news  about Cannabis world and education for millions, was found by Kingston Compassion Club Society (K.C.C.S), non profit organization for Cannabis research and Development.

So, this fabulous page was recently suspended by the Facebook when the admin of the Page tried to add the physical address of K.C.C.S via admin panel.
The letter that the admin of Kingston Compassion Club Society received said
"according to Facebook Pages Terms, We do not allow users to admin a Page that represents a generic location or entity. Page names may not solely use the generic term for the category of products or services you offer. Additionally, users may not admin Pages about town, cities, or states.
You may Propose a new Page name that accurately reflects your brand or entity on Facebook. If the new Facebook page name complies with our terms, we may allow you to change it, otherwise we will remove the administrative rights for the Page.
Currently the administration of the KCCS working out the situation trying to prevent their page to be deleted. We will see who wins.


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