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Keep your Weed safe in Safe

Life is a tricky thing -  Ohio man ordered just a Gun Safe, but received not just a safe but also a complimentary 285 pounds of marijuana.

A man, who's name wasn't announced by DEA for security purposes, ordered his Gun Safe Online from Champion Safe Co, Provo, Utah and when he received his order on July 19, 2013 he found complimentary 285 pounds of marijuana, value of $420000, in 10 28-pounds packages inside of his Gun Safe.

Apparently, the Champion Safe Company had no clue about this little surprise inside of the safe, sold by their company. As officials say the safe was made in Nogales, Mexico, and there is a big chance that it's not the first Safe that was used for smuggling drugs over the boarder.

The driver, who delivered this particular safe to the customer was not charged with any felonies, however the driver, who delivered the Safe to the company from Mexico is missing.

So, our advice, if you own a safe, you better check the insides first.

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