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Kief In A Grinder

Kief In A GrinderCleaning Your Grinder

Kief In A Grinder

This blog will help you to learn how to clean your grinder and at the same time to collect sticky kief.

Kief = Dry Sift = Pollen - tiny, sticky crystals from the cannabis flower; Also, in case you didn't know, you can smoke kief, and it's really becoming handy when you low on your supply.

If you use metal grinder for your cannabis, you most likely to find kief stuck in all little parts of your grinder. But you will always find that it's very hard to get the kief off of the grinder because it's very sticky; However, there is a way to get that deliciousness out of your grinder.

First Method:

Put your grinder next to your ice-cream in a freezer. Let the grinder to cool down and when it reaches low temperatures, trichomes will get hard and fell off the grinder walls, cracks, etc into the kief chamber.

Second Method:

Grinder with kief + Isopropyl alcohol.

Alcohol will remove kief from the open grinder and all you have left to do is to remove the grinder parts, poor alcohol into pyrex dish and let it evaporate until only kief is left. Make sure you let the alcohol to fully evaporate before smoking.

We hope this tips will help you on your adventure of cleannig your grinder and collecting the kief.


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