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L.A. Medical Cannabis Cup Awards

The First LA Medical Cannabis Cup culminated by giving the awards to the top  products of the medical cannabis industry of LA. on Sunday February 12 the crowd of 500 people occupied the plaza of LA Studios and witnessed the first medical cannabis competition that has been staged by High Times Magazine in Southern California.

Great people like comedian Rob Cantrell, crew of Odd Future, Flesh-n-Bone, Layzie Bone from Bone, Thugs & Harmony and Medical Marijuana pioneer Dennis Peron joined the show and announced the awards.

Overall, the event was an enormous  success and the High Times Crew was satisfied with the warm, friendly welcome that the event received.

In June the Third Medical Cannabis Cup returns to San Fransisco Bay Area to choose the best of the best. Don't miss it!

2012 LA Medical Cannabis Cup Winners:


  1. Sonoma Coma by Happy Lil' Trees
  2. Organic Blue Dream Haze by American Organic
  3. Dutch Treat #5 by Buds and Roses Collective


  1. Doc's Cut by Therapeutic Healing Center
  2. Kosher Kush by Buds and Roses Collective
  3. Kosher Kush by Magnolia Wellness


  1. Master Yoda By Kush Connection
  2. Starberry Cough by Buds and Roses Collective
  3. Platinum OG by Vivid Research Cooperative INC
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