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Last Minute Christmas Gift

Christmas is just few days away and you still don't know what gift to give to your loved one? When glass bowls, bubblers, bongs and one hitters are not countable as a present anymore, then it's time for Lotus Fire Case.

Lotus Fire Case

Designed by Green Mountain Innovations, LLC

Lotus Fire CaseLotus Fire Case is a new iPhone case with build-in lighter! Now, you will always have a lighter to light up your herbs when needed. Lotus Fire Case has a modern design and available in 6 different colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Pink, Red and White. Case itself is made from heat-resistant plastic, so lighting up the fire won't hurt you iPhone, plus your phone is always protected from minor falls. The lighter is detachable and can be refilled with butane.

Lotus Fire Case price is $34.99 with free shipping in the US and now you can get %20 Off using promo code "FIRECASE". Currently, otus Fire Case is available only for iPhone 5/5S, but soon will be available for iPhone6.

Hurry up and order Lotus Fire Case to receive it by Christmas. Your loved one will be pleased with the unique, cool present!

Time for Christmas Shopping
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