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Customer Testimonials

Smoke Pipe Shop Customer ReviewsA few years ago Smoke Pipe Shop open it's  first storefront,as ChicagoSmokingPipes, on

We slowly grew bigger and bigger, changed Amazon storefront for our own website, switched PayPal (easy payment option) to a professional Credit Card processor, replaced the yellow shipping envelope with nice kraft boxes with green shrinky filling paper and triple our inventory. All this years we have been proudly serving our customers, trying to exceed their expectations with fast shipping, great protective packaging and little extra gifts in each box.

All this time our customers were with us, supporting our business and leaving the feedback, so today we want to Thank You All for that.

We have received tons of comments about our product, shipping, packaging, customer service, etc. Now, finally, we have created a page for all customer reviews, testimonials and comments! If you want to make an impact on Smoke Pipe Shop community - leave a comment after you receive your product.

All positive and negative comments are welcome!  About packaging, shipping, extras, products, customer service and anything you would like to comment about! Smoke Pipe Shop team is looking forward to all of them, so we can be proud of the job we do and exceed the expectations with what needs to be improved.

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