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Lebanese Farmers Protect Their Marijuana Fields With Guns

Past Monday, Lebanese Government sent their troops to flatten the pot grower's fields in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. The illegal cannabis crops supposed to be destroyed with tractors and armored vehicles.

But the Lebanese Farmers didn't hesitate a second and armed with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars and respond back on a government actions. Pot farmer's forced the security forces to back down, however, there was some fire, but no casualties were reported and two two army vehicles were bombarded with bullets.

Back in Lebanon's Civil War, the Bekaa Valley used to produces up to 1000 tons of cannabis resin annually into 30-50 tons of opium. After what all the fields were destroyed in 1993 under the United Nations Program, but came back again.

The Government consistently trying to destroy the fields, but the Lebanon farmers don't have any intention to give it up.

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